Equality Street Update

We’re making good progress with our game. We have figured out all of the character movements and put in the four characters we will have for our demo. There will be a menu first describing that it is the player’s objective to get the four roommates home safely by crossing the road. When a character makes it across, we have figured out in GameMaker how to have it automatically go to a next room so the player continues to play and will play all four players consecutively.

The order of the characters is easiest to hardest (white male to black female). We decided not to let the player decide which player to choose first because of this. When a character gets hit by a car, another screen will open so the player can see what happened. (E.g. When a black male gets hit by a cop car, the screen will say “You have been arrested for jaywalking!” and show a man getting arrested.)

What we need to do next:

We have temporary sprites and backgrounds put into place in the game so far. One of our group members is a skilled artist and has drawn out all the backgrounds and characters in pixelated form. The game has been sent to him and he will replace all the temporary sprites and backgrounds. After that, it will just be a lot of fine tuning, ensuring that we have meticulously made the correct movements, etc. in GameMaker. The main issue we are dealing with is completely figuring out how to make the cuts to the images that will pop up when a character hits a car, and then have it go right back to the game where the player starts over.


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