Love Like a Cholo Update

During the last week our group has been working on the story line of our game. We divided the work into the two potential love interests for our main character. The story has different two different branches, the decisions you make in the game, result in you either winning the heart of the love interest or being rejected by your bad decisions. These meters are possible with the program we are using, Twine.

The main character, Javier, has a choice to either win the affections of a female, or of a male. The thing is that Javier is queer so even if one chooses to be with the female his sexual orientation does not change, he is simply choosing her because he feels pressured to by society. If he chooses the female his life is way easier but if he chooses the male interest then his life becomes extremely hard, this is to demonstrate the unique problems with being queer in a urban environment. The story line is different for the two love interests but  similar events happen in the different branches.

In addition to hashing out the storyline we worked on our bibliographies and finished the first three scenes of the introduction. The introduction is comprised of a fight scene, a scene at his house and a scene at school.  These scenes give back ground information about the main character’s family, school, and gang affiliation and from the school scene the main character chooses whom to pursue.

Thankfully we haven’t had many problems with Twine but it can it can be buggy and crash. In addition to the storyline, we have decided to add photos but are not going to illustrate full scenes or any people to leave it up to peoples imaginations.


10 thoughts on “Love Like a Cholo Update

  1. I love the idea that even if the player chooses to pursue the female love interest Javier’s sexual orientation stays the same. This brings more issues and complications that effect the queer community. The idea that there is a sense of “shame” or embarrassment involved with sexual orientation is an important aspect to incorporate that would often times be glossed over.

    I like the fact that you are using limited visuals. Making the player use their imagination could prove to have more powerful effects since there is no limit to the player’s imagination whereas any images used might fall short of the desired player experience.

  2. When you guys say “if he chooses the female his life is way easier”—how easy are we talking? Because I feel like, when someone marries or enters a relationship with another person that they do not love—things are not “way easier.” If the main character is homosexual, he might have a harder time showing the female character affection which will then create problems in the relationship. Also, by being homosexual, he would not be sexually attracted to the female, so that itself causes issues of loneliness so his life isn’t “way easier” is it? Just try to make sure to show enough ups and downs for both choices.

    • You bring up great points that will be addressed in our game. To specify and clarify, when we say his life will be “way easier” it is mostly referring to his relation to society and other external factors. He won’t be heckled, ridiculed, harassed, or pressured if he decides to take the heterosexual path and will have a much easier time by conforming to the heteronormative paradigm. But like you said, he’ll deal with some extreme inner conflict and questions regarding his identity. This will help exemplify how difficult it is to find happiness and acceptance in certain situations.

    • Thanks for the feedback. In part what we mean by saying his life will be easier if he chooses the female is not necessarily that the relationship between the two of them will be easier, but his interactions with other people in his life will be easier. For instance, if the player chooses to focus on the male love interest, he will have to face the disapproval of his family and harassment from his gang. Where as if he were to focus on the female love interest, his parents would approve of his relationship and it would not cause problems within his gang.

      • Great! Thanks for the response you guys!
        Will the choice of the male love interest lead to cutesy/lovey dovey conversations between the two? Because I’m looking forward to those particular dialogue scenes, haha.

    • Thank you for the questions! I want the dialogue and their interactions to be as organic as possible. I’m partly responsible for the homosexual love interest branch and I’ve found that writing dialogue between a Chicano cholo and young gay Black man has been particularly challenging. I aim to please, but seeing as I am neither a gay cholo nor a young gay Black man I initially worried that the interactions I was writing may have seemed unrealistic. I’ve been doing a lot a research to try to combat these concerns and incorporate dialogue that would be representative of what a relationship like this may be like.

  3. Interesting choice that you have Javier as queer from the get-go. I’m worried about the effect this may have on straight players of this game, but in the end I think it’s a smart move. I was curious how you were going to implement the choice of male/female love interest, but this cleared it up for me. I’m wondering if you’re going to have any links to outside sources regarding your issue? I believe that your game design does a great enough job that the issues at hand are pretty prevalent, but it couldn’t hurt to have some more links if you can incorporate it into the game. I’m a little sad that the visuals will be limited. I hope you’ll accept fanart!! Hahaha 🙂

    • Hey Sardothien, thanks for the suggestions! None of us really consider ourselves drawers so we’d definitely welcome fanart! We don’t plan on including links to outside sources regarding the issue because we want it to be addressed through the narrative of the game.

  4. I like the way this game is starting to come together; I like that Javier’s social interactions will noticeably change according to which romantic partner he chooses and I like that you’ve made him queer and that his feelings will not change because it brings a layer of complexity to the game that might not have otherwise been there.

    I’m looking forward to how this all plays out in the end! I think that it could turn out to be a very interesting look at the complications of coinciding a sexual identity with the rest of your social identity.

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