“Phil: The Quota” Update

At this stage in the development of our game, Phil: The Quota, the game itself is starting to take shape. All of the characters that Phil will be meeting have been established and approved, and most of the dialogue for the entirety of the game has been written. Outside of class, each of us have been working on creating characters (a minimum of 3 each) and the dialogue exchanges that will occur between Phillip and the characters. This has been an interesting process, as each dialogue has the potential to end in different ways, necessitating much more dialogue than expected, though we’ve compensated accordingly. In addition, while I (Andrew) have been hammering out the story with help from Jessica, Brandon and Lauren have been busy with searching out appropriate sound clips that we can put into the game. Lauren is also knocking out images of our character while Jessica is doing research on background images that we can use.

The next step will be to begin uploading completed scenes into Ren’Py, the game engine that we are using to run our game. We have been uploading and saving all of our separate files into Google Docs, so that we can all access them and see where we stand as a group. Because we’ve been able to divide our labor effectively, we expect to be able to continue working on later scenes while simultaneously streamlining and completing the earlier scenes, rather than having to wait until all of the scenes are finished to put them into Ren’Py.



2 thoughts on ““Phil: The Quota” Update

  1. The game that your group is designing seems to be quite ambitious, the breadth of characters along with the technical aspects of the game among other things. Having this breadth does allow for a greater sense of perspective and depth, but I’m curious how much interaction will there be between these numerous characters and the protagonist? In the sense will all of the decisions made with all of the characters have serious lasting repercussions or will some end up being more trivial? Also the amount of characters means quite a bit more needs to be accounted for to prevent them from appearing overtly stereotypical, something your group needs to be careful of. It seems like your group is more than capable of keeping things in control though, I am interested in seeing how the game turns out.

    • Yes, one of our concerns has been to make our characters seem non-stereotypical but realistic, and we believe our characters are turning out just right.
      To answer your question on the number of interactions: Phillip will potentially meet the other characters twice. Within the first meeting, if the player clicks on a certain answer, they will see the character for a second time which will show the player what happened to the character because of the choice made by the player.

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