Bad Apple Update

So far our group has completed the layout of our virtual space. The user will first enter through a narrow hallway lined with pictures depicting the production process of an iphone and the aftermath of when it is thrown out. Next the user will walk through another narrow hallway to a simple recreation of a dorm at an Apple Foxconn plant. This will demonstrate the cramped space employees live in, with often eight workers to a room. The user will also be able to look out a barred window at the suicide nets located below. Then the user will enter the main space whose center piece is a statue of a person holding an iphone in front of a giant wall with Foxconn stats of workers hours and pay on it. The other side of the wall features a contrasting view on Foxconn and states in the context of national stats, Foxconn is not as bad as the media portrays it. This installation will give the user two contrasting views on the issue. This main space will also feature videos on e-waste such as a 60 minutes exploration into e-waste exported to China and a Nightline investigation inside a Foxconn factory. This space will also feature an Apple computer which, when clicked on, will open Nick’s minigames in a browser. His games are coming along nicely and Nick has been working out bugs and making the games fully playable.

We still need to start detailing the interior areas and picking out which pictures we would like to use. One challenge we have is boiling down the concepts to make them simple enough to understand. For instance we would like to visually represent how holding on to obsolete products is a waste because old technology rapidly decreases in value as time goes by. We want to tell the user it is better to stretch out a products lifespan as long as possible or find a trustable electronic recycling center to dispose of their electronics but it is a challenge to show the user this rather than just telling them. Another challenge is conveying stats to the user. We do not want to overload the user with information but we have lots of good Foxconn and e-waste stats we want the user to comprehend.