Love Like a Cholo Update

During the last week our group has been working on the story line of our game. We divided the work into the two potential love interests for our main character. The story has different two different branches, the decisions you make in the game, result in you either winning the heart of the love interest or being rejected by your bad decisions. These meters are possible with the program we are using, Twine.

The main character, Javier, has a choice to either win the affections of a female, or of a male. The thing is that Javier is queer so even if one chooses to be with the female his sexual orientation does not change, he is simply choosing her because he feels pressured to by society. If he chooses the female his life is way easier but if he chooses the male interest then his life becomes extremely hard, this is to demonstrate the unique problems with being queer in a urban environment. The story line is different for the two love interests but  similar events happen in the different branches.

In addition to hashing out the storyline we worked on our bibliographies and finished the first three scenes of the introduction. The introduction is comprised of a fight scene, a scene at his house and a scene at school. ┬áThese scenes give back ground information about the main character’s family, school, and gang affiliation and from the school scene the main character chooses whom to pursue.

Thankfully we haven’t had many problems with Twine but it can it can be buggy and crash. In addition to the storyline, we have decided to add photos but are not going to illustrate full scenes or any people to leave it up to peoples imaginations.