Infinite Loop Update

Everything is on schedule and going well with Infinite Loop. We have finished most everything on the research side. We have done research on the social justice issues which best reflect the inadequacies of slacktivism and decided on what to include in the game. Daniel has spent the week finding images that we can put into the game to represent these. They will be put on the screen in the center of the infinte loop maze and will change between eachother as you collect likes. There will also be clips that will be shown at the end once you have completed the maze, as we give links for people to donate or volunteer. 

We have created the basic layout of the game / maze. We have figured out how to move the sprite around and through the maze and we have figured out how to make our “likes” spawn and move in a certain direction. However, we are in the process of figuring out how to make all of the likes spawn repeatedly and have the m all gravitate towards one exact spot (the center). We also are figuring out how to increase the amount of likes that spawn as you collect them. After we accomplish this we will need to figure out how to make the character sprite gravitate towards the center as well. These are the main challenges we have over the coming weeks, as other than that we only need to figure out a few more basic things such as implementing an “awareness meter” that fills up as you collect likes. We are on schedule, things are going well, and we will have another update next week.