Outsource Frenzy Developer’s Update

So far, so good. After deciding to ditch Twine due to it’s extremely basic format, we opted to use Ren’Py as the program to mod our game. We chose Ren’Py because we thought it was a more image-oriented program, which fit the kind of game that we wanted to create. After several efforts of trail and error, we were all able to download Ren’Py and semi sorta kinda figure out how to use it.

One of the things that we have done recently is to create the basic fundamental beginning of the game. In the ideal game, players will have a choice of four pre-created characters to play as. These characters are very general and represent a range of ethnicities as well as representing both male and female genders. The character that we will choose to focus on for our demo will be Miss Kim, an Asian female. We started creating a background for her, such as her origins, her educational level, etc. The idea is that at the beginning of the game the player will be able to see an image of each choice, along with a paragraph describing them, before making a decision. Then they will choose an area of the world to start outsourcing from. For the purposes of our demo, Miss Kim will choose India as the location.

We started creating the basic storyline of the game, meaning scripting the dialogue and the choices/responses that the player can make. This is still in its beginning stages, but it is being developed and pretty soon will be near completion. In regards to the actual gameplay, we decided on a feedback system that rests essentially on the opinions of the investors and the workers. This will be represented by a horizontal bar with two colors: black for investors and red for the workers. We chose these colors for a couple reasons- it references gambling terminology, with black being good and red not being good; red is a very common danger color (which we liked because it showed the workers as “dangerous” and thus negative, going along with the whole detached feel that we wanted to create), and because black is a very prominent, bold color, so even if there is lots of red of the bar, black will be ever present and thus always will be noticed by the player (kind of prompting him to try to focus on pleasing the investors and raising the black).

Also, we have begun the process of actually finding images to put into our game, which turned out to be a lot more difficult than any of thus thought after Amanda told us to watch out for copyrights and that we could pretty much only pull pics from sites that have openly free images. All in all though, the game is progressing along, and another update will come next week.