A white woman in a long black peacoat, viewed from a high angle. She has close-cropped dark brown hair and is wearing black-framed glasses, a blue collared dress shirt, and a black necktie.Amanda Phillips is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of English with an emphasis in Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her dissertation takes a vertical slice of the video games industry to look at how difference is produced and policed on multiple levels of the gamic system: discourse, hardware, software, representation, and corporate practice. Her interests more broadly are in queer, feminist, and race-conscious discourses in and around technoculture, popular media, and the digital humanities.

In addition to participating in the 2010 NEH-sponsored Humanities Gaming Institute, Amanda has been a HASTAC Scholar since 2009 and hosted, in conjunction with Margaret Rhee, an online HASTAC Forum on Queer and Feminist New Media Spaces, the organization’s most-commented forum to date. She has presented at the conferences for UCLA Queer Studies, the American Studies Association, the Modern Language Association, the Popular Culture Association, and the Conference on College Composition and Communication, and has participated in unconferences such as HASTAC’s Peer-to-Peer Pedagogies Workshop, THATCamp SoCal, and the Transcriptions Research Slam. Most recently, she has been involved with the #transformDH Collective’s efforts to encourage and highlight critical cultural studies work in digital humanities projects.

Contact Info

Twitter: @NazcaTheMad

Email: aphillips @ umail dot ucsb dot edu


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