Your grade will be calculated on a point system divided between individual tasks and tasks performed as a group. Your attendance and participation in class are assumed, and you may fail the course if you miss more than three classes. I will adjust final grades at my discretion based on level of participation in the course.

Individual Assignments

Close Playing Assignment (2 pages, 10 points): Choose one game on the syllabus and write a brief analysis of its meaning-making and persuasive properties. Be sure to pay attention to all aspects of the gamic system, and try to strike a balance between discussing its procedural and systemic aspects with its representational ones.

Annotated Bibliography (15 points): Create a 5-item annotated bibliography related to your teamʼs issue and platform of choice. Your bibliography must include at least one critical essay from outside the field of game studies, but the other entries may be of your choosing: a game, an essay, a discussion forum, or other items that will help develop the concept of your teamʼs project. Team members must report on different items, so make sure to coordinate with your teammates.

Final Essay (8 pages, 25 points): Your final essay will be a reflection on the effectiveness of building or modding as a way to resist the systemic limitations of video games and virtual worlds. Please make specific reference to your goals and role in the team project and discuss the

Team Assignments

Initial Project Presentation (10 points): Your team will present its initial social justice issue and proposed software to the class as a whole, who will offer feedback and suggestions.

Group Timeline (5 points): Your team will create a timeline and workflow assigning specific tasks to group members, with deadlines. You may use any method to do this, though I recommend free and/or trial memberships for project management social networks like Asana, Basecamp, or Podio. I will ask for documentation of these goals and will follow up with students on their deadlines.

Website Documentation and Demonstration (15 points): Your team must produce a design plan and functional demonstration to submit to the instructor. The document should specify the goals of the project, how each of the projectʼs elements contribute to these goals, and how your project was informed by theory.

Project Presentation (10 points): During the final week of class, each team will present its final project and demo to the class.

The remaining 10 points of your grade will come from weekly website contributions that will sometimes consist of individual work and sometimes group work. I will give you the assignment on Wednesday during class.


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